Aluminium Sliding and Bi-folding Doors – Designed by SMARTS, Made by us!

Aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium Bi-folding and Sliding Doors

An impressive set of sliding or bi-folding doors are quickly becoming the must have accessory for the home owner. A rise in consumer spending on home improvements, together with the growth in private new house building projects, has helped in boosting demand in recent years and its easy to see why. These stunning doors bring a host of exciting features that you just can’t achieve with the standard PVC doors of today.

At Techniglaze, all of our aluminum doors are fabricated in our own state of the art factory by our talented team using quality sections from SMARTS Aluminum, who we have a long and healthy relationship with as one of their most trusted installers and fabricators. Quality is our number one priority, and our team has a wealth of experience behind them to ensure we have the neatest finish in the business!

Every week we meet with new customers that are interested in the numerous benefits that either of these doors can bring, however not every door is perfect for every setting. This post aims to guide those that are interested as to whether a sliding door or a bi-folding door is most suitable.

Bi-folding and sliding doors are great for enjoying those summer evenings, opening up the room to enjoy the outside and making use of the natural light that comes with a large opening. There is absolutely no question as to why they are the cherry on the top of any project. At Techniglaze we have embraced the consumers calls for maximized glass sizes and minimalized sight lines so unlike many of our competitors we offer an ultra-slimline frame option to make the most of the outside scenery.

Aluminium doors

Benefits of Bi-folding Doors (Visofold 1000 + 6000)

We work with the Visofold 1000 system that is incredibly popular for its robust performance, this product has a sight line of 132mm. Although slim already, we can do better than this! We also work with the Visofold 6000 system, a relatively new system developed by SMARTS with incredible sight lines of just 94mm.

Aluminium sliding doors

Benefits of Sliding doors (Visoglide Plus)

From generous space saving benefits to ease of access between rooms, sliding doors offer several advantages for both domestic and commercial applications. Our Visoglide Plus sliding doors can be both a practical and attractive addition to any home.

Aluminium doors

Bi-folding Doors VS Sliding doors

Popular as these doors may be, customers are often at a cross roads when deciding which style of door may be more appropriate for their opening. This list aims to help in the decision making process.