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Manual winding gear window openers are used to conveniently open high-level windows from a remote position. They can be fitted to most window types and are perfect for use in high ceilinged buildings where window access is difficult.

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Teleflex Gear (remote window openers and winders)

Teleflex is an umbrella term used to describe all remote window openers and winders. Originally a brand name, it has now become synonymous with the devices. Remote manual window openers work on a cog and chain system. A helical cable is operated with a low-level handle which is connected to your window. The cable drives the cog in the chain opener which pushes out a chain fixed to your window to open the window. Teleflex openers are perfect for use in schools and offices where electrical wiring is not possible. At Techniglaze, we supply and install a wide range of window openers and winders suitable for an array of applications.

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