Are aluminium conservatories more expensive?

Black aluminium conservatory roof

Aluminium is an increasingly popular material throughout the glazing and wider construction industry. It is strong and durable while being lightweight and highly customisable. It is also an extremely sustainable material. At Techniglaze, we manufacture, supply, and install a range of bespoke aluminium conservatories. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to extend your living space or a developer who wants high quality aluminium glazing products, we can help.

Aluminium conservatories – the premium glazed extension

If you’re planning a glazed extension project, you’ll certainly have been considering which material is best for you. One of the most important things to consider is your budget. Aluminium conservatories, in general, are more expensive than uPVC alternatives. This increased cost, however, is easily outweighed by several factors.

Firstly, aluminium has a far greater lifespan than uPVC. Where uPVC conservatories will begin to deteriorate in terms of appearance and performance after around 20-25 years, aluminium conservatories can last around twice as long as this because of the inherent strength and durability of the material. Aluminium is also highly customisable. Although manufacturing aluminium is currently more expensive than manufacturing uPVC, with aluminium you have far more choice with regards to the design of the aluminium conservatory.

Aluminium conservatory installation in Brent Knoll


Modern aluminium conservatory features and benefits

Aluminium conservatories are often considered the premium glazed extension option. This is because of the wealth of benefits that they provide for the end user. When you opt for an aluminium conservatory, you get:

Overall, aluminium conservatories are an excellent choice for any glazed extension project. Although more expensive initially, their longevity and various benefits soon make up for any initial financial outlay.

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