What are the best aluminium commercial glazing products?

Commercial glazing projects are often larger in scale and more complex than residential installations. They require organisation and collaboration between various contractors, developers, and designers to ensure that the project runs smoothly, and all deadlines are met. Commercial glazing projects also require high quality products that meet industry criteria for performance and help to create an attractive visual aesthetic.

At Techniglaze, we have worked on many commercial glazing projects. We manufacture, supply, and install a wide range of commercial glazing products, all of which are industry leaders in terms of style and performance. If you’re involved in a commercial glazing project and you want the best aluminium commercial glazing, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a detailed look at some of our aluminium commercial glazing products and their features and benefits.

Aluminium curtain walling

Commercial curtain walling installation for commercial property

Aluminium curtain walling is an essential element of any commercial glazing project. It is used in a range of commercial buildings from offices to hotels and retail premises to leisure centres. High quality curtain walling should provide excellent levels of insulation and weather protection while also creating an attractive exterior façade.

At Techniglaze, we install high performance aluminium curtain walling manufactured using respected Smart Architectural Aluminium and Senior Aluminium Systems. Our curtain walling systems are suitable for large- and small-scale installations on multi-storey buildings and ground floor applications. With aluminium curtain walling from Techniglaze, you get:

Aluminium shopfronts and commercial entrance doors

Aluminium shop front installation utilising smart aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium shopfronts from Techniglaze are energy efficient, durable, secure, and aesthetically attractive. They are compatible with all our aluminum entrance doors including manually operated and automatic and will enhance any ground floor level shop front.

At Techniglaze, we install the Smart Wall thermal shop front screen from Smart Architectural Aluminium. The Smart Wall is an extremely high performing shop front system. It is PAS24:2012 accredited for security performance and features anti-finger trap doors for improved safety. A drainable low threshold provides easy wheelchair and push chair access while the aluminium frame can be powder finished in any of over 200 RAL colours.

When selecting doors for your shopfront system, automatic doors are often specified. At Techniglaze, our automatic commercial doors are a popular choice for shop entrances that receive a large and steady amount of daily traffic. Our automatic commercial doors are durable and hard wearing and can be installed in a range of commercial premises including supermarkets, libraries, colleges, and offices where numerous people will come and go every day.

Solar control and acoustic glazing

Acoustic glazing for commercial project

One of the most important factors to consider in any commercial glazing project is the internal environment. For buildings where people spend a lot of time every day, the interior area should be comfortable and conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Two of the major elements which affect well being are temperature and noise. Creating an ambient interior temperature and reducing noise penetration can have a hugely positive impact on a building interior and its inhabitants.

At Techniglaze, we supply both Solar Control Glazing and Acoustic Glazing. Our Solar Control Glazing regulates a building’s internal temperature by reflecting heat from the sun’s rays while allowing light to penetrate the glass. Acoustic Glazing on the other hand features a purpose-designed inter layer which blocks sound waves from penetrating the glass. The inter layer absorbs sound waves helping to reduce sound transmission by up to 50 decibels.

Aluminium commercial glazing expertise

At Techniglaze, we have decades of experience in the aluminium commercial glazing sector. We have worked on numerous commercial projects and installed commercial glazing in a diverse range of commercial buildings.

All our aluminium commercial glazing products are designed and tested to meet the most exacting industry standards for thermal and security performance. They are also highly customisable and can be shaped and coloured in an almost endless array of styles and configurations.

If you’re involved in a commercial glazing project and you’d like to find out more about working with Techniglaze, get in touch today. For more information about any of our commercial glazing products or any of our other products or services call 01761 417 654 or send us a message online.