What glazing is best for noise reduction?

Noise reduction is an increasing factor when choosing new windows. Whether you’re tired of the drone from road noise or blighted by nightmare neighbours, noise pollution drastically disturbs your peace.

But you don’t need to suffer in non-silence: noise-reducing acoustic glazing offers soundproofing solutions for domestic and commercial properties. And with Techniglaze’s acoustic glass, you’ll be relaxed in the privacy you need to enjoy your home or office – in turn giving you a happier and healthier environment.

Acoustic glass windows for commercial projectWhat is acoustic glazing?

Acoustic glazing is often referred to as soundproof glass or noise-cancelling windows. While those terms aren’t quite correct – soundproofing is almost impossible to achieve in a property where other doors, windows and ventilation allow in extraneous noise – acoustic glazing provides a significant barrier between the source of the sound and the interior of the room.

Glass, in itself, is capable of reflecting noise. But standard single-glazed windows or double-glazed sealed units are typically thin, fixed within frames that may offer thermal efficiency yet lack any sound-absorbing qualities.

Acoustic glazing is similar to regular sealed-unit double glazing but incorporates transparent sound-insulating acoustic interlayers, which are laminated between the panes of glass. These acoustic interlayers effectively absorb frequencies, thereby preventing sound waves from being transferred into the property. In fact, laboratory tests have proved acoustic glass can improve sound insulation and reduce sound pollution and unwanted noise by up to 50Db. As an added security bonus, the acoustic interlayers in laminated glass stops it from shattering.

Acoustic glazing for commercial projectHow is acoustic glazing used?

Fitting acoustic glass to your home or premises isn’t simply a case of removing your existing windows and replacing with noise-reducing units. Acoustic glazing needs to be tailored to your circumstances.

Glass thickness is an important consideration – the thicker it is, the better glass insulates against noise. But it’s not quite that simple, because acoustic glazing uses panes of two different thicknesses in order to counteract each other’s ability to transmit sound waves.

The gap between each pane of glass is perhaps even more crucial, with a greater gap able to absorb more sound. Of course, extra-thick windows are typically impractical for homeowners, so filling the gap with argon or creating a vacuum between the layers of glass will help to drop the decibels.

For even greater sound-deadening, triple glazing adds a further laminated layer, albeit at a rate of diminishing returns; for the average home or office space, high-quality acoustic double glazing – fitted within our special acoustic frames – will make dramatic improvements to how you work, sleep, study or watch TV.

To hear more about our soundproof windows and to discuss ways to improve the acoustic performance of your home, call Techniglaze on 01761 417654 or drop us a message today.



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I am delighted with the recent installation, it’s good to look out of clear windows. The work was carried out professionally by two excellent gentleman.
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Excellent. This company really care about doing a great job. Roger and Keith have been very helpful and explaining things in detail that a lay person may not understand.

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Excellent customer service, range of products and attention to detail. I honestly can’t rate them highly enough. They stepped in and came to the rescue after Salisbury glass cost us 8 months of time and 100k in increased material costs.

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These guys have been great to us. Helped us out at short notice after we were badly let down by another supplier. We asked for several minor details that were not standard (e.g. different locking mechanisms), and they were flexible and open to ideas. We ended up also commissioning our front door from them; it is super sturdy and beautiful. Always courteous, professional, and good payment terms.

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First class service for my window repair, with tricky access issues and a large, heavy glazed unit to install. Really glad I chose this company.

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I was looking for a company that could deliver a bespoke pair of roof lights in the Alitherm system. Techniglaze offered the best price and worked with us to ensure the sizes were exactly right and conducted the sales process very professionally. The product is first class and we are exceptionally pleased with the service and product. I can highly recommend Techniglaze.

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