What is the largest sliding door size?

Smart aluminum sliding patio door

Sliding doors are a popular entrance door choice in both residential and commercial installations. They are a great choice for areas where floor space is limited; because of their side sliding functionality, they have zero impact on the surrounding area. They are also often chosen for installations where optimising natural light intake is a priority. Their large expanses of glazing create a wall of glass effect which will brighten up any property interior.

If you’re planning a door replacement project or a new door installation and you’ve got a large area to fill, aluminium sliding doors are an excellent choice. At Techniglaze, our customers often ask us ‘what is the largest sliding door size?’ To help you to make a fully informed decision, let’s take a closer look.

Big aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium sliding patio door with large glass span

Certain glazing installation projects require non-standard products. These could be bespoke designed, customised, unusually shaped, or extra-large. If you require big aluminium doors, it’s a good idea to have a maximum size in mind.

At Techniglaze, we manufacture high-performance aluminium sliding doors using the Smart Visoglide Plus system. The Visoglide Plus system has no maximum door width. As long as each sash is within the maximum height of 2500mm and the maximum weight of 250kg, the doors can be as wide as you require. Our sliding doors are also compatible with fixed glass panels on either side of the sliding doors to further extend the glass area.

Visoglide Plus features and benefits

large aluminium sliding door

Our aluminium sliding doors provide end users with a range of benefits and incorporate many innovative features into their design. Here are some of the technical details about the aluminium sliding doors made using the Visoglide Plus system.

Our aluminium sliding doors are available as inline or lift and slide options and can be specified in any RAL colour including optional dual colour profiles.

As you can see, our big aluminium sliding doors are high-specification door systems which will enhance the appearance and performance of any installation project. To find out more about the Techniglaze product range call 01761 417 654 or contact us online.