Are aluminium windows worth it?

Aluminium windows are an excellent alternative to uPVC and timber windows. Although they may be slightly more expensive than uPVC, in the long run their range of features and benefits far outweigh any initial financial outlay. Indeed, when you consider that aluminium windows have a far longer life expectancy than other window materials, they are actually the most cost-effective option over their functional life.

Aluminium windows with large span and slim sightlines

Aluminium windows for the best in customisation

Aluminium is an inherently malleable material. This means it can be formed into almost any shape imaginable to create unique windows for more unusual architectural designs. Aluminium is also an inherently strong material. With aluminium windows, their frames can support heavier glass panes than their uPVC and timber counterparts allowing you to create large, oversized windows, perfect for commercial glazing projects.

When you want to create a unique visual aesthetic for your glazing project, aluminium windows are an excellent choice. At Techniglaze, all our aluminium windows can be powder coated in any of over 200 RAL colours. The powder coating process creates a durable and low maintenance finish which unlike painted timber will never need to be sanded down and repainted, saving both time and money.

Green aluminium bay windows

Aluminium windows for the most sustainable choice

Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material. At the end of its use, an aluminium window frame can be melted down and reformed without losing any of its material quality. The process of extracting the raw material Bauxite which is used to produce aluminium can be carried out with limited environmental impact. It is also an extremely abundant material further increasing the sustainability of aluminium windows.

In terms of thermal performance, reducing heat loss is an essential part of improving sustainability by decreasing heating associated carbon emissions. To ensure that our aluminium windows achieve stringent industry standards for thermal performance, all our aluminium windows feature innovative polyamide thermal break technology. This helps to reduce heat loss, improve insulation, and enhance energy efficiency.

Bespoke shaped angled windows in aluminium

As you can see, aluminium windows are most certainly worth it. Whether you’re involved in a commercial or residential installation project, aluminium windows are an excellent choice. For more information about choosing aluminium windows from Techniglaze, get in touch today. You can call us on 01761 417 654 or contact us online.