5 reasons why Smarts aluminium systems are superior

Smart commercial brochure

At Techniglaze, we manufacture and install a wide selection of glazing products. We have an excellent professional reputation for using only the highest quality materials for our windows, doors, conservatories, and commercial glazing. To ensure that we continue to provide the same outstanding service to all our customers, we use only the best glazing systems available today. One of our preferred aluminium systems suppliers are Smart Architectural Aluminium. Here are five reasons why Smarts aluminium systems are the superior choice.

1. Extensive systems choice

Smart Aluminium systems can be used to manufacture an extensive range of windows, doors, and curtain walling. By working with Smart Aluminium Systems, we have direct access to all the systems we need from one supplier.

2. Locally based Somerset HQ

Smart Aluminium Systems are only a short distance from the Techniglaze factory. This means that we can get a quick and reliable supply of all the products we need to ensure that we can pass on these super-fast lead times to all our customers.

3. 100% recyclable products

aluminium doors supplied for commercial project in Weston-super-Mare
All Smart Aluminium systems are made from 100% recyclable aluminium. By using Smart Aluminium systems, we are doing our bit to promote sustainability and create an eco-friendlier society.

4. Superb thermal efficiency ratings

All our aluminium windows and doors incorporate polyamide thermal break technology into the design. Capable of achieving an A rating for energy efficiency, all our aluminium products easily achieve today’s stringent regulations.

5. Commercial and residential compatibility

Whether you work predominantly in the commercial or residential sector, all our aluminium products can be designed to suit your desired application. They can equally be used in both traditional and modern installations.

Which aluminium company is best for windows?

In our opinion, Smart Aluminium Systems supply the best aluminium windows. We have only ever experienced positive results when working with Smarts and will continue to offer our customers the best aluminium windows and doors, manufactured by us with Smart Aluminium systems.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of aluminium products, get in touch today. You can call us on 01761 417 654 or send us a message online.