Aluminium window myths busted!

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Aluminium windows are a high performing glazing product. They are fully compatible with both residential and commercial installations and can be customised to meet almost any project specifications. There are certain myths surrounding aluminium windows. Sometimes they haven’t always been viewed in a completely favourable light. At Techniglaze, we have used aluminium windows on numerous glazing projects. They provide a wide range of benefits for both the installer and end-user, so we’ve decided to set the record straight and dispel some of the common myths surrounding aluminium windows.

Are aluminium windows worth it?

In terms of cost, aluminium windows are usually slightly more expensive than uPVC windows and slightly more cost effective than timber windows. The initial financial outlay is offset, however, by aluminium window’s outstanding durability. On average, alumimnium windows last far longer than their uPVC counterparts. When compared to timber, they have a similar life expectancy although aluminium windows require far less maintenance than wooden windows.

Over their functional life, aluminium windows are easily the best financial investment. Their outstanding durability and inherent strength create a window which will last for many years. At the end of their functional life, the aluminium frame can be melted down and reformed without losing any of its quality to make aluminium windows 100% recyclable.

What are the disadvantages of aluminium windows?

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For many years, aluminium windows were thought of as less thermally efficient than other window types. Aluminium itself, is an excellent conductor of heat. This means that windows made from aluminium can be prone to heat loss problems. Fortunately, modern aluminium windows feature polyamide thermal breaks.

Thermal breaks are inserted through the core of an extrusion to separate the internal and external sides of the frame. This helps to prevent the conduction of heat through the window frame thus improving the thermal performance of the window by reducing heat loss.

Do modern aluminium windows cause condensation?

Condensation on windows is caused by a build up of moisture in the air. When the cold exterior air penetrates a failing window and meets the warm interior air, condensation can form on the inside of the window pane. Older aluminium windows were prone to problems with condensation and often performed poorly in terms of the window’s U-values.

Modern aluminium windows, however, are far better at preventing heat loss and therefore do not suffer from condensation problems in the same way as their older counterparts. With the incorporation of thermal break technology and waterproof gaskets and air tight seals, modern aluminium windows easily equal other window types in terms of thermal performance.

Are aluminium windows sustainable?

There is a myth surrounding aluminium windows that they are not sustainable. In reality the truth is actually the opposite. Aluminium windows are one of the most sustainable glazing products available today. Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material. Once an aluminium window comes to the end of its functioning life, the aluminium frame can be melted down and re-formed without losing any of its quality. This creates a closed loop process where the aluminium can be used infinitely.

Aluminium is created from the raw material Bauxhite. Bauxhite is found in abundance in the Earth’s crust and is extremely easy to mine with limited environmental impact. This ease of extraction also helps to boost aluminium’s sustainability.

Aluminium windows for a high-quality glazing installation

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As you can see from the information above, aluminium windows are in fact, one of the best glazing products available today. Alongside the points made in this article, aluminium windows are also sometimes viewed in a negative way for other reasons. Let’s briefly dispel these last few aluminium myths.

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