Designer Doors

Premium aluminium entrance doors

designer door

Designer doors from Smart Aluminium are truly a premium product. When you want the ultimate in style and performance, they are the perfect door choice for you. In terms of performance, they lead the industry for both security and thermal performance. With aluminium designer doors from Techniglaze, you can expect:

Unbeatable security standards

Home security is one of the most important considerations for households when considering making any home improvements. Security is also a significant factor for commercial installations where a business wants to protect any assets from theft. When you want to protect the interior of a building from any attempts at forced entry, Designer doors provide unbeatable security standards. With a Designer door, you get the latest door locking technology and can expect:

Bespoke Designer Door creation

Smart systems designer doors


Every single Designer Door which is created is completely unique. Designer Door customers are involved in the entire specification process to ensure that each Designer Door is custom-made to meet your exact requirements. When you choose a Designer Door for your home improvement or new build project, you can follow these steps to create your perfect door.

  1. Select your door style
  2. Pick the perfect colour
  3. Choose your preferred hardware
  4. Select your security options
  5. Create your Designer Door

Designer Doors are precision engineered using the latest manufacturing technology. Made to measure, they are the premium door choice for aspirational homeowners and business owners who want the best for their commercial premises.