What is the difference between Palladio doors and standard composite doors?

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Composite doors are one the most popular entrance door options for UK homeowners. They are industry leaders in terms of security and thermal performance and rival traditional timber doors for their attractive aesthetic appearance. As with all products, there are levels of quality when it comes to composite doors. At the premium end of the composite door market are Palladio doors.

Why are Palladio doors so good?

Palladio composite doors are truly a premium product. Perhaps the most important difference between a standard composite door and a Palladio door is the construction of the core. Most composite doors feature a foam filled core enclosed within a 2mm GRP outer skin. Palladio doors are created using a thick GRP matrix.

The unique monocoque structure of a Palladio composite door sets it apart from its foam filled counterparts. During manufacture, the two halves of a Palladio door are bonded together to create the monocoque structure. The monocoque structure is a 65mm reinforced fibreglass core which will never twist, warp, or delaminate. When combined with triple glazed glass units as standard, Palladio doors provide unbeatable levels of energy efficiency and an unbreakable level of protection for your home.

Palladio doors vs standard composite doors

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Palladio doors are the ultimate in entrance door innovation. When compared to standard composite doors, they win on every count. To help you make a direct comparison and make a fully informed decision about your new doors, this information table will help you to understand why Palladio doors are such a premium product.

Feature/performance Palladio Doors Standard Composite Doors
Rebate Double Single
U-value As low as 0.85 W/m²K Average 1.6 W/m²K
Glazing Triple Double
Security 10-point locking system 5-point locking system
Core material 65mm reinforced fibreglass Polystyrene foam
Outer skin Renolit 2mm GRP


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