Conservatory styles for every type of home

Wok/ Victorian corner fill shaped conservatory with uPVC frame and polycarbonate roof

Conservatories are the most popular extension option for UK homeowners. They are versatile, high performing and by far the most cost-effective way to increase your living space. Enquiries into home extensions saw a dramatic increase last year as people looked for new ways to maximise their living area as they spent more time at home. As home working becomes more normal for millions of UK homeowners, home extensions look set to further increase in popularity in the coming years.

Conservatory styles from the contemporary to the traditional

One of the biggest selling points of a conservatory installation is its capacity for customisation. Conservatories can be bespoke designed to meet a wide variety of specifications and can incorporate both modern and traditional design schemes to match the original property which is being extended.

At Techniglaze, we supply and install a diverse selection of high performing conservatories for homeowners across South West England. With over three decades’ industry experience, we can offer homeowners conservatory styles for any type of home including large lean-to conservatories for modern homes and Victorian and Edwardian styled conservatories for period property extension projects.

Before you begin your home extension project, it’s important to decide which type of conservatory is best for your home. This will depend on the style of your home, whether it’s modern or more traditional, the site’s size restrictions, and your desired use for the extended living space. Personal preference will also play a part in your final decision.

Which conservatory style is best suited for your home?

Glazed Conservatory roof

As mentioned above, when making any home improvements, personal taste is one of the most important factors to consider. You’ll definitely want to choose a conservatory style which is aesthetically pleasing to you. With home extensions, however, it’s equally important to match your conservatory style with your original property’s appearance.

To give you an idea about what conservatory style is best for your home, here’s some information about some of the styles which we can offer:

Whatever style of conservatory is best suited to your home, at Techniglaze, we can design the perfect conservatory to match your requirements. If you’d like to find out more about Techniglaze conservatories or any of our products or services call 01761 417 654 or contact us online.