Inspirational colours for aluminium windows and doors

RAL colour chart

The colour of a building’s windows and doors can have a massive impact on its overall appearance. The human eye is naturally drawn towards colour, so when you’re planning to install new windows and doors, it’s important to carefully consider what will be the best colour choice for you. Whether you’re involved in a large-scale commercial installation or you’re a homeowner looking to improve your property, it’s worth taking some time to select the perfect colour for you.

Colour powder coated aluminium windows and doors

Black aluminium windows

At Techniglaze, all our aluminium windows and doors are available with a durable and attractive polyester powder coat finish. The powder paint coating is factory applied using a purpose-built spraying machine. Over 200 RAL colours are available, and the finished product is weather resistant, low maintenance, and will keep its vibrancy for many years to come.

Aluminium windows and doors are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential installation projects. Aluminium is an inherently strong material and can support much larger expanses of glass than other window materials, making it ideal for creating large sections of curtain walling and expansive bifold and sliding doors.

All our aluminium windows and doors are fabricated using Smart aluminium systems. Smarts are industry leaders in fabricating aluminium and their systems have been used in a diverse range of high-profile projects across the world. At Techniglaze, we work closely with Smarts and can arrange for your windows and doors to be finished in almost any colour imaginable.

Any colour you like

Green aluminium bay windows

Depending on the type of project you’re involved in, you’ll want the ability to colour match your windows and doors with your overall design scheme. Smart aluminium windows and doors are available in four distinct colour suites. These range from the contemporary to the classic and all provide outstanding levels of protection for your aluminium windows and doors.


The Sensations colour range is an exclusive suite of metallic effect finishes. They are regularly selected to complement both contemporary architecture and to tastefully accentuate the beauty of a restoration project. Their textured finish gives depth to the exterior appearance of any building and some popular Sensations colours include:


As you already know, the Cotswolds is an area of southern England which is known for its picturesque countryside, quaint villages and use of the distinctive, yellow-tinted Cotswold stone. The Cotswold colour collection takes inspiration from this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and includes a range of soft understated colours which are perfect for conservation area buildings and heritage projects.


The Smarts Natural colour range is the original suite of powder coat colours developed for aluminium windows and doors. Continually popular for both modern and traditional window and door installation projects, the Naturals range offers a versatile colour pallet for the discerning eye.


The Alchemy colour collection combines the powder coating process with a protective anodised effect finish. The unique appearance of anodised aluminium is perfectly replicated using innovative paint application techniques. These metallic effect shades are extremely popular in commercial installation projects and can provide an exclusive appearance to any aluminium windows and doors.

Years of protection for your windows and doors

Home with aluminium windows

Aluminium powder coated windows and doors are an excellent choice for almost any installation project. The capacity to create bespoke colour shades and choose from such a vast range of options, gives every project its own unique colour signature. The powder coat finish has also been designed to provide lasting protection for your windows and doors. It is extremely resistant against peeling, chipping, blistering, and all forms of corrosion.

All Smart powder coated aluminium windows and doors come with a 25-year guarantee against deterioration in the quality of the finish. The paints which are used have been tested and approved to both British and European standards and are Qualicoat accredited for their superior performance. They even meet the stringent requirements of marine grade paint, making them suitable for use in coastal areas where the salty sea air can cause premature deterioration to lower quality finishes.

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