How will commercial buildings have to adapt for life post Covid?

The Paintworks offices in Bristol a project for which we supplied aluminium glazing products

We are currently living through unprecedented times in modern history. The Coronavirus global pandemic has forced people to dramatically adapt their lives both personally and professionally. As the nation’s workforce begin to return to work, how will the ‘new normal’ look for commercial enterprises and what can be done to reduce risk?

Health and safety in commercial buildings

Commercial buildings are subject to stringent health and safety regulations. Supermarkets, department stores, offices and universities are all places which see thousands of people come and go every day. Ensuring that these spaces are safe is complex and difficult under normal circumstances. With the increased virus threat, specialists are looking at new ways to protect both workers and customers from the spread of disease.

We’ve already seen the plastic screens in supermarkets, now these will start to become commonplace in offices and other places of business across the country. A new focus on hand hygiene will see hospital-like hand gel stations at building entrances and strategically placed around a building interior to promote hygienic behaviour. And Dutch company Clean Trolley have designed a trolley wash which will disinfect a trolley in seconds.

Supporting safety at Techniglaze

At Techniglaze, we manufacture, supply, and install a wide range of both commercial and residential glazing products. Following recent government guidelines, we are now once again open for business and ready to support our customers for life post-Covid.

If you’re involved in the management of a commercial enterprise and you want to ensure that your employees and customers are as safe as possible, there is one particular product which we fabricate at Techniglaze, which could prove vital in combating the disease. Our automatic doors are already used in hundreds of businesses across the south of England and will significantly reduce hand contact when entering a building.

High performing automatic doors for a range of applications

Aluminium automatic doors

At Techniglaze, our automatic doors are designed and manufactured to provide easy and log lasting access to almost any commercial premises. Using the latest censor technology, our automatic doors can be activated as soon as a person nears the building’s entrance. They are compatible with our full range of curtain walling and shopfronts and will greatly decrease the risk of a second Covid 19 spike.

Our automatic doors can be specified in a range of sizes and configurations. They can be fully adapted to your requirements and can function as either a horizontal sliding door or swing opening doors. For commercial premises which see a constant influx of people throughout the day, automatic doors are the safest choice for your business.

If you’re planning to adapt your commercial building for life post Covid, then our automatic doors could help you to protect against illness and potentially save lives. For more information about our range of automatic doors, our commercial glazing work or any of our products or services call Techniglaze on 01767 417 654 or contact us online.