What is the difference between uPVC and aluminium?

uPVC and aluminium are the two most popular materials for modern windows and doors. Both materials have their own unique benefits and characteristics. There’s been much debate in the glazing industry about which material is best. At Techniglaze, we supply and install windows and doors using both materials. We have extensive industry experience which we have used to give you a better idea about the advantages of each material.

Cost effective vs high end

Both aluminium windows and uPVC windows provide excellent levels of thermal and security performance. Today’s industry standards demand a glazing product to be extremely high performing.

In terms of affordability, uPVC windows are usually more cost-effective while aluminium is often seen as more of a luxury product.

Maintenance levels

A tilt and turn window which opens in

Both uPVC & aluminium windows and doors require little to no maintenance to keep them looking and performing exceptionally well.

Both aluminium and uPVC will never need to be re-painted which can be costly and time-consuming. With only the occasional wipe down with warm soapy water they’ll stay at their best for many years to come.


Aluminium is a naturally stronger material than uPVC. It’s this inherent strength that makes it popular in large commercial applications. uPVC is also a strong material and will provide years of weather protection without losing any of its quality.

Both aluminium and uPVC windows and doors come with a comprehensive 10-year product guarantee. This is testament to their durability capacity.


Cream aluminium windows

uPVC windows are usually specified in a standard bright white colour. A range of coloured foils are available as well as realistic timber-effect finishes.

Aluminium windows and doors are available in almost any colour imaginable. They can be powder finished in any of over 200 RAL colours, or more commonly from our own unique range of colour and textures for the ultimate in bespoke design.

Which is best?

The best material will ultimately be decided by your project requirements. For large scale commercial installations and high-end luxury projects, aluminium is usually best. For high-quality performance at a more cost-effective price, uPVC will be the best choice.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for new windows and doors or a glazing installer searching for a reliable supplier to work with, Techniglaze can help with lots, including commercial glazing. For more information about any of our products and services call 01761 417 654 or contact us online.